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Jakarta, 13 May 2022.

Anyone who know me back in my younger years, can hardly see me without it on me, almost all the time, anywhere.
Surprised to hear Apple decision to discontinue iPod.
#ipod is actually a thing back then, revolutionized how people listen and store songs.
It is iPod that leads the way to the creation of #iphone , and for Apple to be one of the most valuable company on earth today.
Back then Mp3 later followed Mp4 was a thing, it was fascinating to be able to store and enjoy that huge amount of songs on this tiny item.
Yes been trying other brands of Mp3 players (was not actually an Apple fan back then) then my verdict goes to iPod for the best quality of design and sound. That's how I fell into Apple product.
Now, if iPod is that good –at least to me, why Apple discontinue the product?
The keyword is RELEVANCE.
iPod is simply no longer relevant. With the music playing function & quality is taken over by iPhone, along with all other functions like photo/video taking, voice recording, etc in one device only.
Ever heard people talk about or even mentioned the word iPod lately? Before this news up in public
Does younger generation even know what kind of animal this iPod is?
Another keyword would be SELF-DISRUPTION.
Say Nokia case –among all other similar cases, it was disrupted by the external, by competitor. In this case iPod is disrupted by iPhone. One Apple product disrupted by another Apple product.
I mean before other people disrupt you, wouldn't it be better if you disrupt yourself? That's a sign of hi self-awareness, in order to sustain market dominance.
After all, better performing companies do tend to have self-awareness.
Care to share your thought?

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