Konten [Tampil]
From a humble three Boeing B777-200ERs transferred from Singapore Airlines -later switched to B787 Dreamliners. The airlines which initially planned to be a long-haul, low-cost carrier, then have the Airbus A320s joining its fleet -after merger with TigerAir in late 2016.

Until the pandemic hit, Scoot was on a relentless quest of establishing itself as one of the rare successful low-cost, long-haul operations globally. 

With a fleet of 48 aircrafts, and over 65 million passengers to 68 destinations, successfully establishing itself in the Asian market.

Keep an eye out as pretty soon Scoot makes a full comeback, as of now already restored 80% of its capacity! With more fleet and up to 72 destinations to grow further.

And here we are JAS-Aero with our long historical with SIA and SilkAir as part of SIA Engineering Company' line maintenance network, supporting Scoot in 4 stations. And looking forward to serving Scoot in all our 18 stations, and more.

* Delighted to meet with some esteemed members of the company, during the conference in Singapore, and got Scootitude 👌🏻

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