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The phrase "let it marinate" suggests allowing something, usually food, to sit in a marinade —a liquid mixture of herbs, spices, and other ingredients— for a certain period of time in order to enhance its flavor and/or tenderness.

However, the phrase can also be used more generally to suggest giving something time to develop. For example, "letting a thought marinate" means thinking about it for a while before acting on it.

I relate this to the situation where Cpt Sully —the Hudson River legend —handled the unprecedented emergency situation. I read somewhere that he referred to the idea of slowing things down, taking a moment to breathe, and pushing the self-reset button. This allows us to recognize the emergency situation, seize the necessary control and respond effectively.

It's about taking a moment to assess the situation and weigh our options, giving ourselves a chance to breathe and re-collect our logic, so that we can come up with the most effective response.

The key to this approach is to process the situation, just like how we marinate food for a barbecue. It's not the same as procrastination, but a deliberate approach to decision making.

It's common to believe that faster response, answer, and reaction are better. Hence, it's not always easy to explain, that in certain situations, taking a moment to let things marinate can lead to the most effective decision.

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